Thursday, June 14, 2012

1 years worth

Here are some long overdue updates from my past year of making.
In August 2011 I travelled to Canberra to complete a 6 week residency at the Canberra Glassworks.

I did heaps of tests, concentrating on murrine, cold assembly (glueing), and coldworking in general. 

I also couldn't help myself from building some jazzy trios, as I often do. These teal forms were a hit.
I've been lucky enough to land a couple of commissions recently as well. These stemless wine tumblers have silver leaf scattered through the base. I made 40 all up.

Around about the same time I made a set of 8 more traditional looking goblets. Only 7 here as it took a few takes to get 8 real good ones,

Then just last month I finished a piece that is the largest object I've ever made. 'Cherry bomb' is 107cm  and though this pic doesn't show it, the piece has thin opaque red stringers running vertically up the cherry red form. It creates a super subtle red on red effect, sweet.

And, somehow,  I managed to put together another solo show in a neat little gallery at Urban Cow Studio in downtown Adelaide.  I titled it 'Future Antiques'  The work in the show was quite a literal splice of classicism with some sort of futuristic temperament. Renaissance still life tendencies combined with simplified, graphic versions of well known vessel ware.

The 'Future Antiques' idea also suggests that glass is a material with longevity and that consequently, contemporary glass objects will eventually become 'antiques' simply by the function of time. 

Those were the major happenings since I last posted, far too long ago.
I've been feeling inspired and optimistic lately and am really fascinated by the internet and the awesome power it has to spread ideas. I'm setting goals to take advantage of the beast, posting more, face tweet following and the like. So if you catch this blog and like the shiny things, share it around and leave us some feedback soIi always have something to improve on. thanks 

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