Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a pickle under a palm tree!

These are a set of Tangent Bottles that were Machine Made By Hand for the Generate exhibition in Dec. 2010. alabaster with clear, grey with black, clear with white.
Momz' really likes these and it looks like they might go back to Canada after all!
This is by far the coolest thing we own. Our most recent art acquisition, a thing by Tom Moore.

Also, i was just about to post new photos of a full set of cups but they are a wedding gift to be given later this month. And, although the internet is a huge place, its not that huge! i can't take the chance of spoiling the surprise. I'll post them at the end of the month... :(

there is boats of other stuff on,
-currently assisting in the glass studio more than ever with more artists, its awesome.
-got a new business card
-Formocentric opening Wed. 6th
-made some sweet new marble designs. Marble Merchants blog coming soon- for now find us on facebook
-Marble Merchants will be at the Barossa Living Vintage Festival later this month. slangin' marbles, t-shirts, and rad marble goblets.
-preparing to go to Canberra Glassworks in August for 6 week residency.
-currently have 15 bowls on order
-new gallery in Prospect, SA to stock work soon
-new gallery in Syndey, NSW to stock work soon
-have been invited to exhibit work at The Guild Shop in Toronto, Canada for glass feature in May (first invitation to exhibit, tick!)
the machine is definitely alive.