Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visit to Saltmarsh and some reclaimed furniture!

Last week I restored an antique piece into our new coffee table!
Making something old-new is a great sensation.. I think I'll do it again..
I just cut the legs short, sanded the top back to bare wood and painted the rest mint!

I was so excited to start sanding the top that I forgot to take a 'before' shot.

Visited Warnambool in May. This resolve of this patch of grass was a memorable visual from the trip.
I spent 2 weeks with my friend Glenistair in this studio/gallery that he built himself! Its called Saltmarsh you should go there for a cuppa if you're ever in Warnambool, Victoria.
We drove this beauty to the studio each morning where we made his 'bishops table' project,
an interesting project to say the least. It was good fun to hang out with his fam and was just really beautiful down there full stop.


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