Tuesday, July 31, 2012

helping friends in shiny new places. +drawing more shapes

 I've had the chance to work with number of new artists lately. Its been rockin. In the last two months I've been to Sydney to work with Ben Edols, and Melbourne to work with a fellow named Mark Douglass. They were both short stays but wicked experiences regardless. I've been working with lots of artists in Adelaide too! Amanda Dziedzic,  Tom Moore, Nick Mount and I've had my first gaffer experience creating forms for my good friend Mandi King. Thanks Mando!

These cups were made while I was in Sydney with Ben and Kathy.

Here are some other jazzy objects that just happened to be in the studio.

Patrick Primeau is another Canadian friend whose made it to Adelaide for a while. This is one of his works being made at UniSA hot shop. He and his wife, Caroline Oullette, run Welmo studio in Montreal.

I've been running a  sketch book workshop with the current associates at the Jam glass studio. Basically we are working together to achieve better habits around drawing and visualisation. I have give them some endurance drawing challenges and we have been working in the shop one on one as well; working through drawn ideas and getting them translated into glass.
 This is a little study from my sketch book. I'm trying to execute more ideas straight from the scribbles. Sometimes they are the good ones.

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