Saturday, August 25, 2012

straight studio snaps

In hindsight, I realise I've been goin pretty alright this year. These are random contents from my iphones' pictoral diary; Miscellaneous stuff that did actually happen. 

I've been making some light shade fittings for a melbourne designer named Mark Douglas. It's been pretty straight forward so far but soon we'll be making some more complex designs like giant things that stack, giant 2 tone lamps and giant crazy tree trunk lookin things... should be fun.


This white goblet turned out tight and ended up in a group of vessels that are up in a jazzy Adelaide eatery called the Gallery on Waymouth.  

An excellent benefit of creating and selling in the same venue is being able to make a thing on Wednesday and have it presented for sale by Friday. Thanks Jam Factory )

Thursday, August 23, 2012

glass candy at bench 3

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

making comets

 I've been thinking about lamps a lot lately. Not desk lamps necessarily but sculptural objects that catch sunlight by day and illuminate by night.

I like the idea of a comet touching down or colliding on an angle, its an interesting visual to me. These crystalline forms have a sort of downward motion which mirrors that idea.

I like posting quick studio shots of my work because it describes the way I view the work. On shelves, inbetween processes, thats when some of the best thinkin gets done. This ruby coloured one isn't finished but i just had to sandblast it and stick some light in there to see what happened. It's raw moments and effects like these that are the most exciting parts of art making.

This is the interior of the blue comet.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

fresh out tha box

These are some test things I made last week with some Jam crew. I want to make a bunch of clear forms and make a 'logo' with them but this method proved a bit tricky. I didn't really have control of them, and the effect i'm after just wasn't getting highlighted. I'll have another crack at it tomorrow but i'll simplify a bit and concentrate on singular forms instead of trying create an accurate set, just yet.

This is a bit hasty, I should have a super pro image coming soon, but I wanted to post this other new thing. The Spectrum Paperweight. I think.
Honestly, I cant decide on a title. 
What do you think? 

Friday, August 3, 2012


This type of drawing has been with me for ages. I think they are derived from my early interest in graffiti. As a teen I was fixated on lettering. Graffiti artists could add so much personal jive to their letter-types; creating phrases so complex even illegible at times. Works of graffiti were 'logos' for a personal brand of lettering. I was all about it.
 I see these drawings as an extension of that process. Lately, I've been simplifying my letters, and trying to improve my scribble technique.