Thursday, May 19, 2011

machines dreams

I dont know why, but I have recently lost sight of something I really want/need to do-
Make built in glasswares for homes. Integrated interior outfitting/design is a direction i intend to re focus on.
Before I came to the jam in Adelaide, I had this idea I called 'Heat Treatment-Custom Glass Interiors'. To me it meant the endeavour to seek and create jobs where I would be designing glass to be built into interior spaces in a hyper customized fashion.. The ultimate fantasy would be to work with architects and home owners, to make complete ranges of objects; lighting, drink wares, product staging and built in glass art features- all built into the spaces, structurally, with a holistic approach to stylizing a space as opposed to just arbitrarily placing things on mantles and tables with no real continuity or cohesive design vision.

I came across these 2 photos recently and was reinvigorated and re oriented to the 'Heat Treatment' dream.
I have made steps toward this dream. Thanks to the supportive nature of my folks, the above snap is of their lounge/dining room, where my dad and I chewed a hole in a perfectly good wall in 2008 and installed a custom shaped nook and shelf to house a set of 9 grey forms titled 'Shady Characters' with LED spotlights in the depth to boot... very snazzy. Its almost hard to see in this photo but thats kinda the point,, they are so quietly placed in the space, that they are almost hard to notice.. I like that quality. Built in, customised, sweet.
I'll try to find a shot of it all lit up at night.. its a very cool night light and feature of the dining room.
This photo is from a 2010 client named Jane Clayton who commissioned two over sized Tangent bottles to be placed in these alcoves in her lounge room.. It looks like they are the only thing in there.
This arrangement is a little more pedestrian in that the glass was made to fit an existing feature but its still a step in the right direction!
Anyhow just thought I should post these to help get the idea back into my head (get some feedback) and maybe even score some action! You want something to this effect? let me know, we'll do lunch.
I figure if I could just be a better administrator of this idea it could surely turn into a good facet of my career. hopefully.

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