Monday, January 21, 2013

Topping up on Canadia

I went to Canada over the holidays. It was revitalising.
My parents place is spotted with glassworks ranging from my very first blobs to these more recent sculptural blobs which were shipped back for an exhibition a couple years ago.

I visited with some of my best buds that are still there in Calgary and even made it Fernie for new years and all the way over to Saskatoon, for a few days. This drawing was from about 2nd year at Art school and somehow my friend Kent acquired it and framed it and still exhibits on his condo wall to this day. I  didn't care much representational drawing in school so this one is a rarity.  

In Adelaide, backyard BBQ's are common but its a pain to keep any amount of ice from melting on a hot summer night. Conversley, in Calgary ice is easy to achieve yet BBQ'z in -20,...not so much.

By far the most Canadian thing I did was go ice fishing with my dad on spray lakes in Kananaskis.
 It was positively beautiful in every way.

The view looking west from ma n pa's house just before flying home. 

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