Thursday, November 15, 2012

in good company

In early 2012 I held an exhibition with my mate Dani. We make marbles together and put up a pretty rockin show of about 300 marbles at a hip gallery called Paper String Plastic. This is a small portion of the show which remained up during adelaide fringe 2012.
check out marble merchants blog to see more marbles.

Dani also makes some pretty neat items.
She made this rainbow diamond the other day. It'll get surfaced with flat facets to resemble a jumbo diamond.  They're real sharp- go find out..Danielle Rickaby

Another Artist I work with constantly is Mandi King.
These are some 'bubbleblocks' and a bunch of cylindrical stripy vases called 'Magna'
Shes got a unique approach, I'm a fan..

 Its good to be in cahoots with other makers and to be involved in their work as well as my own.
Even when I haven't got much to say about my own stuff,  theres still lots of interesting objects to admire and share around..

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