Monday, May 2, 2011

weddin' set

Here are some snaps of the finished set I spoke of earlier this month. It's 8 wine glasses, 4 champagne glasses, 4 sherry glasses, 6 tumblers and a carafe.
It arrived in Sydney last week just two days before the wedding and as far as I know, was well recieved.
I also sent 2 boxes to The Guild Shop in Toronto, Ontario. They were scouting around on the Glass Art Association of Canada website and saw some of my work and asked me to be part of a glass feature in their gallery in May.. It was the first time anyone had sought me out to exhibit work so I couldn't say no.. even though it cost several pretty pennies to ship over there.. the box is in hong kong right now and i will be very relieved when it arrives safe at the end of the week...

I am heading to a mates studio in the town of Warnambool on the great ocean road this friday... hes got a studio and is hiring me to help him make a full table set based on a 17th century 'bishops table'
Its 2 weeks work, I will miss my sweet Monica... she's gonna hold down our Adelaide fort and continue getting ready for us to visit in Canada in June.
thats all for now,

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  1. nice new title image! you should put your cups in the shops!!!