Thursday, March 17, 2011


Its alive! Today I set up the show, finally! Nothing broke and the work is all shined up and locked under glass cases. Looks swish, I reckon. There are only six collections which I initially thought was too few but the work is well spaced out and I figure that is better than a cramped cluster fuck. y' know?
These guys are called 'Estonian Totems' Kind of a hybrid of the notion of 'heritage' as it pertains to my Canadian and Estonian lineage. They are assembled from 3 separate pieces and stand about 52-56cm tall.
This piece is titled 'Tangy'-Simply driven by its ultra offensive citrus colour, lemon yellow, It's the punchiest set of the bunch.
'Hollywood' Once this collection was complete, it just struck me as a grouping that represented substance abuse, usage, and vanity. I broke the flute shaped goblet the day after this photo was taken (it was the weakest link anyway.. the glass gods wanted it.. and sometimes its good to make a sacrifice) so it has been replaced by a black 'Axis bowl' similar to the bowl from the 'Tangy' collection. ...Hopefully some rich movie star buys it..
This set is called 'Eclipse'. It was made for the Generate exhibition at the end of 2010. I feel it fits the bill for this body of work and though it is not part of the 'Formocentric' show, it belongs in this post as it is from the same family of thought.. The idea behind its title is has to do with the relationship between clear and black. Clear and black are the same but opposite. Black is, in a way, void of colour. As is clear. However, they are visually opposite from a tangent perspective. I had pondered this relationship for months and one day it just hit me that the binary between black and clear is parallel to the concept of an eclipse. An eclipse is an instance where light becomes dark and opposites align. Furthermore if you visualise these 3 forms from overhead, they kind of undulate and have an ocular, halo type appearance where the sections of black and clear cleave together and do very much cross over one another in an eclipse type fashion.
'Eclipse' ........bam!
I will post some photos from the opening next week.

Well thats the show folks.. the 'machine made by hand' ethos is intact and for the first time i have developed a cohesive body of work that directly emits my style; presented by the earths original synthetic, glass.

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  1. Love the creativity and form, especially of the Estonian Totems. Sorry I missed the real thing. Good luck, ML