Monday, June 28, 2010

I have about 6 months left in my associate position at the jam glass studio. I am both excited and upset at this fact. It has been such a sweet run but it will be nice to interrupt this break-neck pace and start focusing on some particular things i want to do in glass and in life.
I will head back to Canada for xmas and January. After I visit some friends and family, I'll return to australia and start preparing for my first solo exhibition which will be around mid-year and will likely be titled 'FORMOCCENTRIC'. Stay tuned for all that!
For now, check out these snaps of my current designs/compositions/objects.
Some are tests pieces for groups that will be in the formoccentric show next year, some are just recent shapes from the furnace, and lastly, a group of fancy cups which were the result of a workshop I attended with cane master Tom Rowney, from Canberra. I highly recommend jumping at any chance to work with Tom wherever and whenever you can.. He is an excellent teacher, and a top bloke.

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